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Community Rules


Hello and welcome to LVRG, the home for the online trading community to do just that – create community!

Community means lots of people and so, this is the boring bit – a few community rules so people remember to be nice and don’t end up being kicked out for being an A-hole. We expect you all to be nice, be friendly, be respectful and protect others from harm. This is a place for discussion and debate of the friendly kind – not the unlawful kind.


If you’ve already signed up to LVRG and created an account, you’ve already agreed to these rules. So, read on and see how things work around here.

  1. No ads on your posts
    On LVRG, ‘content’ includes all types of publications and updates, comments, public and private chat messages, scripts, open-source code, script release notes, and more. ‘Content’ does NOT include advertisements, logos, links or references to any website, social media, messaging or email contacts, company names, wallet addresses, giveaways, prize contests or any other kind of announcement or solicitation. Simple.
  2. Make your posts worthwhile
    If you want interaction, post something worthwhile so people want to engage with you. The whole reason you’re here is for community and that involves talking to people so… start conversations!
  3. Write original content
    Write your own thoughts and your own words – no plagiarism or copying of other people and branding as your own. Similarly, don’t duplicate accounts or create fake accounts – that gets you kicked out.
  4. Write in the site’s language
    Until we have other languages enabled, let’s keep all posts in English please!
  5. Be one of the good ones
    Just to reiterate – this is a safe space for traders to come together and share thoughts and ideas and we’ve got no time for disrespectful language or behaviour, and zero tolerance for trolls, swearing, threats, hate speech or abuse of any kind. Discuss, debate and engage with respect.
  6. Got beef? Let us know
    Send any complaints directly to us in an email or IM please. Publicly or privately complaining about or disrespecting moderators, whether in public or in private messages, can lead to you being suspended temporarily or permanently and nobody wants that.
  7. No spam
    As we touched on above – no fake, spam, or duplicate accounts. This can get you suspended.
  8. Communicate bad behaviour with us
    If you spot content that’s violating any of our Community Rules, please use the reporting function to signal it to the moderators. Don’t engage in a discussion — let the moderators take care of it.
  9. And finally, these rules may be added to over time and we reserve the right to take the measures we feel necessary against actions not listed above. This is to ensure that LVRG remails a friendly, professional and safe space for all users. We want to build a community with you so let’s all acknowledge and abide by these rules and enjoy the platform!
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